Thanks for visiting these occasional notes about my photography. They explain some of the background related to the photographs, information about their location or circumstances and some of the technical details about capturing them. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

A Touch of Winter

February 12, 2021
Looks like we are in the midst of some real winter weather for a while, with temperatures well below freezing and occasional snow. I ventured to a favorite nearby state p...
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Exploring the far reaches of the Solar System

January 19, 2021
I guess I'm stuck in Astro 201 these days; maybe I'm trying to relive my youth. But mostly I'm just pursuing long-time interests that I'm able to get to in retirement. Th...
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A Bright Spot in 2020

January 07, 2021
There was a lot not to like about 2020, but certainly one bright spot was the appearance of Comet NEOWISE, the best comet in decades and the most exciting astronomical ev...
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A Great Conjunction

December 29, 2020
Normally the visible planets are far apart in the sky. They are of course all very far apart across many millions of miles of the Solar System. But since they all orbit i...
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Looking back on 2020

December 26, 2020
As we reach the end of a tumultuous year, I thought I'd look back at some of my photos taken in 2020. I've discussed some of these in other blog posts and I expand on a f...
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