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These are images from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (HST). For most of my career I was responsible for producing many of these and other images and graphics at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). STScI was responsible for HST science operations. Part of that mandate was to publicize the science results through the news media, the internet and social media.
While I had a direct hand in producing many of these images, neither I nor NASA, nor AURA (who operates STScI) asserts copyright. Therefore they are free and available for anyone to use and reproduce without explicit permission.
These images, including full resolution versions are also available for download directly from STScI as well as from NASA and ESA. Prints are not available for sale from these sources but you may contact me if you would like to purchase prints.
Comet Borisov near perihelionNASA's Hubble Captures a Dozen Galaxy DoppelgangersHubble Captures Galaxies' Ghostly GazeHubble’s Latest Portrait of SaturnHubble Explores the Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters inHubble's New Portrait of JupiterHubble Uncovers Black Hole Disk that Shouldn't Existheic18xx-ngc4485aGiant Star Yields New Clues About Turbulent LifeHubble Assembles Wide View of Evolving UniverseHubble Celebrates 29th Anniversary with a Colorful Look at the SHubble Reveals Dynamic Atmospheres of Uranus and NeptuneHubble Reveals Dynamic Atmospheres of Uranus and NeptuneHubble Reveals Dynamic Atmospheres of Uranus and NeptuneHubble Sees Plunging Galaxy Losing Its GasTriangulum Galaxy Shows Stunning Face in Detailed Hubble PortraiCelebratory Galaxy Photo Honors 25th Anniversary of NASA's FirstHubble Uncovers Thousands of Globular Star Clusters Scattered Am