Thanks for visiting these occasional notes about my photography. They explain some of the background related to the photographs, information about their location or circumstances and some of the technical details about capturing them. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

Venus in the Daytime

January 18, 2022
This was something a little different and a bit of a challenge: catching the crescent of the planet Venus in daylight. It's easy to spot Venus at dusk or dawn because it'...
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Photographing November's Lunar Eclipse

November 24, 2021
I was struck once again how beautiful a lunar eclipse can be. In the early morning of November 19th the Moon began slipping into the Earth's shadow. Fortunately the sky w...
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Perseid Meteor Shower

August 23, 2021
I spent the night of August 11-12 by Yellowwood Lake in Brown County to view and photograph the Perseid meteor shower. This was organized as a field trip for members of t...
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A "New" Star

March 25, 2021
I managed to catch a nova the other night! No, not the terrific PBS science program (which I do try catch as often as possible), but a star that suddenly brightened and w...
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Icy Bubbles

February 19, 2021
Not everyone agrees with me but I think there are plenty of things to appreciate about winter. I like the crisp, clear air, stark, snowy landscapes dramatically different...
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