A Date That Will Live...In My Memory

March 07, 2020  •  3 Comments

March 7th has a special meaning for me. In 1970 -- 50 years ago! I was about to graduate from high school and embark on an Astrophysics major in college. The path of a total solar eclipse passed up the East Coast and I was able to travel from Towson, Md. to Virginia Beach, Va. to view it, the northernmost bit of land under the eclipse path before it veered out over the Atlantic. The weather cooperated beautifully and I even got some photos (on black&white film) with my home-built 6-inch telescope. I wasn’t able to view another total solar eclipse for 47 years.

I also photographed the total eclipse in 2017, with better equipment, digital color cameras. 

Total Solar Eclipse SequenceTotal Solar Eclipse SequenceA sequence of the total solar eclipse of August 2017 including the "diamond ring" and the corona during totality.


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